The Phone

The Phone, Anthology


The Phone is the same everywhere, but the people it shows up for have come out of every kind of story imaginable.
Between these pages, you will:

Laugh at the Greek Gods
Eavesdrop on the confessions of killers
Bear witness to the strength of survivors
Unravel an alien time paradox
Say goodbye to loved ones
Commiserate with customer service
Dodge vengeful ghosts
and so much more!

Then decide who you will call when the Phone appears for you…

And the reviews are in!
5 stars – Enchanting Stories Call Out to Those Needing a Second Chance
5 stars – Eclectic and entertaining shorts
5 stars – Something for everyone’s heart
5 stars – A very thought-provoking concept
5 stars – Skillfully crafted, creative compilation of stories on a timely, yet timeless, topic.
5 stars – Hard to put down!
5 stars – A fascinating collection of stories!
5 stars- Engaging read with much depth, detail, and excitement.
5 stars – The Phone is A Gift

Back of the book:

What would you do with one more call?

The Phone seems to pop innocently into existence for anyone, in what feels like their hour of greatest need. But what is spoken into the receiver changes more in our world than it does for the dead.

Inspired by real events, experienced and debut authors have come together in 2021 to create these epic moments in the lives of rebels, explorers, aliens, killers, orphans, lovers, and more.

With each story, we’re confronted by the question, what are we leaving unsaid, and why are we waiting until it’s too late?


For everyone we lose too soon,
For all the love with no place to go,
For what we want to say and don’t,
And for every kind of family,
who support us along the way…



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