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Authors want to write, not sell, but not everyone has the access that the marketing that the big time publishers do. This is where I come in. Outsourcing the marketing of a book is a great way to build an audience while you keep writing (results vary between fiction and non-fiction). I’ve broken down my services to make them as affordable as possible, while still ensuring quality. Read the descriptions for each service very carefully and note which are on-going and which are stand-alone. No matter which one(s) you choose, you’ll walk away with product that could be used indefinitely. And the best part is, at the end of the day, you will own it all!

So what are you waiting for?* Pick the option that works best for you and hire me, so you can get back to writing, and I can get your book(s) seen!

*Some options may have a waiting list several weeks long so be sure to plan ahead.

Available Services

Pulling Quotes and Making Memes

$300+ Expect a minimum of 1 week to create, $30/hr upon request after that

As authors, we don’t always know what our best lines are. As an expert marketer, I’ll review your manuscript several times, compiling a list of that books “Greatest Hits.” I’ll use the existing cover art and inspiration from the book’s content, to build a library of images. All of this will be saved in a Google-Drive file for you. I’ll then take all of that to Canva, where, via your preexisting account, a new free account assigned to you, or an account I establish for you, I will create a hundred or more social media memes. You can then down load them and post them to any of your social media, post directly from Canva, and continue to create memes of your own based on what gets the most responses from your audience.

Social Media Content Creation + Management

$450+ Expect a minimum of 2 weeks to create, $30/hr+ by individual hours at an agreed upon schedule after that* (expect a minimum of 1-2 hours a week)

This is EVERYTHING in the “Pulling Quotes and Making Memes” option on steroids! With the addition of management, I’ll use my expert knowledge of social media algorithms to get your posts the widest possible reach. I do that with a combination of memes, current #’s, links to your blog posts about the book and/or relevant articles that demonstrate expertise in your topic and/or genre. This builds consistent value for your audience over time, cultivating trust and loyalty in your readers. It also can include build up to release events and special offers.

*This option can also be added with a minimum of 5/hrs at any time AFTER the minimum requirement of 10/hrs of “Pulling Quotes and Making Memes” has been met.

BASIC – Website Design

$800+ Expect a minimum of 2 weeks to create, $40/hr for changes and/or maintenance after that

This could be your basic 1-page, long-form site where all of your info is in a clean, adaptive (meaning good on mobile and desktop), scrolling format, with external links to your books or a simple multi-page site (limited to 5 pages or less). Expect to supply links to your social media accounts, author bio, author headshot, cover art for your book, links for where people can buy your book(s), a description of your book, and any other text or descriptions you’d like to have on the site. It can be customized with a subscription option for readers and live feeds of your SM account. It can have a blog, feature additional books, include an event calendar and more!

This can be a free site that you will own and either update yourself or continue to have me update as needed at $40/hr.

ADVANCED – Website Design

$1,200+ Expect a minimum of 3 weeks to create + Annual Service Fees for WordPress (estimated cost $300, subject to change) + potential plug-ins that bill monthly, $40/hr for changes and/or maintenance after that

Website Design with options for a “shopping cart” so that readers can buy directly from you. (all sites are developed in WordPress at this time) You can chose the free WP option but it will limit some elements of the design and security. (see WP for more details) This option has all of the features of Basic Website Design.

This can be a free site (free limits some options) that you own and update, or it can be one where you make payments on and update yourself or continue to have me update as needed at $40/hr. Please note that to have a non-Wordpress Domain name, you will have to pay a domain registry fee annually. Domain migration to WP (because you already purchased a domain from a service other than WP) is available for an additional cost. You must own a domain name to make a matching email address. Request a quote if you’d also like this included and we’ll talk about all your options.

Everything Done For You

$30/hr Minimum of 4-6 weeks at 20 hrs per week

This is a plan we sit down together and formulate based on your budget, book, and sales goals. It can include Website Design with options for a “shopping cart” so that readers can buy directly from you. (beginning/new to social media marketing are advise to only build out this option if they’re shipping signed books, special editions, or marketing materials with each purchase) It potentially covers every service listed above, as it fits into the plan.

With this option, absolutely everything that can be connected for you is. That means your blogs post can be set to automatically post to your social media, people could follow you on social media without leaving your site. You can include reviews, video, and so much more!

Everything” Done For You *CUSTOMIZED*

$30/hr Minimum of 4 weeks at 10 hrs per week

Already have a website or other marketing materials? Great! This is a plan we sit down together and formulate based on your budget, book, sales goals AND existing marketing options. It can include everything above or mix and match. And of course, at the end, you will own it all!

Request a phone meeting if you’d also like this included and we’ll talk about all your options.

Meet Your Marketing Expert

-Jennie Komp

Jennie’s style, in both fiction and non-fiction, bridges that elusive gap between art and business. She’s taken 2 companies to over 4 million Facebook fans, in less than a year, leads a live online, Read & Critique group for every proficiency level and type of writer, teaches at seminars and writers conferences across the country, and manages writers committed to reaching their publishing goals. A distinctive realist, Jennie’s dark sense of humor is balanced by a mantra that is the standard for everything she does, “the Disney is in the details.” 

  Additional Experience

Industry Experience

  • 10 years as a ghost writer
  • 7 years as an editor in fiction
  • Co-Founder of Writers Bloc of Dallas

Instructor Credits

  • 28 years of national instructional public speaking (self-help, ballroom dance, business, marketing, sales, networking, education, life-skills)
  • 10+ years of national Writer Classes (Story development, editing, critique skills, marketing, networking, sales)

Professional Affiliations

  • PNW Editor Guild
  • DFW Writers
  • Willamette Writers

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