Manuscript Review

What is a Manuscript Review?

This is typically a service offered at writers conferences. An industry professional, with publishing experience, reads a portion or all of a manuscript for a fee and provides the writer with constructive feedback. The quality of a review is in direct proportion to the reviewer’s skill at understanding the intended goal and communicating the steps need to get a writer to those goals.

Things J. Komp Does IN a Manuscript Review:
  • Keeps your story/concept consistent with “big picture” insights
  • Assists in developing mythology or the rules of the world
  • Maps character arcs, plot, pacing, world building, and series structure
  • Highlights the writers unique voice if it’s unclear
  • Recommends ways to organize information in non-fiction for better readability
  • Spotlights easily marketed aspects of a story for higher sales
  • Gives actionable feedback of reader experience with description, action, emotion, dialogue, pacing, set-up, and setting notes
  • And so much more! Have a request? Just ask.

When do I need a Manuscript Review?

  1. Test the readiness of your manuscript for agent submission
  2. Fix “that one thing” that your beta readers keep complaining about
  3. After a first draft but before you begin serious edits
  4. You’re unclear on how to pitch to an agent for a writers conference
  5. Beta readers don’t finish reading
  6. Anything else that’s stopping you from submitting or self-publishing


Manuscript Review al-carte – $70 per 5,000 words

This is the best starting place to get a feel for me and my style. You send me your pages (over 5k words is permitted to finish a sentence or paragraph) in a word doc along with payment. When both are received, I reply with an estimated finish date and we set an appointment for a phone consultation to go over my notes. I then read and make notes, tracking any changes I suggest, and return my copy to you 3 days before our appointment. Expect our conversation to be 20-30 minutes (per 5k words) and block this time out so you have no distractions.

FULL Manuscript Review – 10k – 50k words @ $60 $50 per 5k words*

*Discounts and other specials available for complete manuscripts or when combined with other services.

Yes, payment plans are always available for projects over 50,000 words. We set dates and you receive my notes in sections after each payment. Please contact me for further details.

*Discount available when combined with Developmental Line Edits

Feel like your manuscript needs a more hands-on approach? Time to consider…

Developmental Line Edits

Special Note:

Not all manuscripts require a professional review from the first to last page. All clients, that have done a Manuscript Review, are eligible for special pricing on al-carte Developmental Line Edits. That means, if your book is “great except for that one part”, we can make a plan, agree on terms, and do smaller sections as my availability allows.

Bottom Line

Smart writers know that even great writers get help. So whether you’re struggling with keeping the rules of your world consistent, getting lost in too many descriptions, or just plain stumped on the best way to insert subtext and multiple plot lines, Developmental Line Edits can be the thing that turns your manuscript into a page-turner that agents and readers can’t put down.

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