Authors of 3 Bird View Press

3 Bird View is proud to present the authors of, The Phone.

They appear in the same order as in the book. The stories they contributed are listed at the top of each bio.

Ann Ornie

#2 On Call

ANN ORNIE is an Oregonian, lover of old trees, the desert, and is a National Park enthusiast. When she isn’t writing or reading, she can be found rambling through the woods on an adventure with her husband, son, and dog named Lucy.

At the age of fourteen Ann’s “Clan of the Cavebear” fanfiction was found by two classmates, who teased her mercilessly. She didn’t write again (except for angsty feminist poetry in college) until she was in her thirties. Her advice? Hide your journals better than she did.

You can find her work in The North Coast Squid Literary MagazineRain MagazineThe Upper Left Edge, the 2018 Reading Libraries Outreach Anthology, and in NIWA’s 2020 Anthology, “Escape.” She is the 2019 Haunted Astoria Writer’s Showcase Winner and the Writer and Producer of the Cold Coast Radio Podcast on KMUN. You can visit her website at: and follow her on Instagram: @treesifyouplease.

John Miller

#3 Kyoto Station

John Miller’s poetry has been selected for the Connecticut Shakespeare Festival Sonnet Contest presented by River Bend Bookshop and featured at the Elisabeth Jones Art Center’s 2021 Festival of Feelings.  His poetry has also appeared in West Trade Review, Tiny Seed Literary Journal, Wingless Dreamer, Wax Poetry and Art, Third Wednesday: A Literary & Arts Journal, Not a Pipe Publishing’s anthology Shout, River Heron Review, catheXis northwest press, The Esthetic Apostle, the 9Bridges anthology Over Land and Rising, and Glass Facets of Poetry.  His short fiction has appeared in Tethered by Letters.   

John is a founder of Portland Ars Poetica, whose activities include generative workshops, a book club and performance events. More information on Portland Ars Poetica can be found at    

John has lived in Portland, Oregon since 2012. A writer from as far back in childhood as he can remember and has files on, he was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He wrote his first poem at fifteen, on the New York City subway, on a bookmark that he placed in a copy of Paul Fussell’s The Great War and Modern Memory, which remains on his shelves. He has a degree in English from Amherst College.

Pamela Skjolsvik

#4 COVID Goodbyes

Pamela Skjolsvik has been published on CNN, Creative Nonfiction, Witness, and in the anthology, Silence Kills: Speaking Out and Saving Lives. Death Becomes Us, her first book, won second place at The Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference and was featured on NPR’s Think with Krys Boyd. Her debut novel, Forever 51 came out in November of 2020. She lives in Fort Worth, Texas.

Twitter @pamelaskjolsvik

Instagram @pamelaskjolsvik/

Cora Younie

#5 I was Told You’d Finally Listen

#17 The Sun. The Moon. The Phone.

#22 Cistern

Cora Younie is a writer, reader, eater, and book enthusiast. She has a queer or BIPOC book recommendation for every taste. Cora has recently reconciled the fact that book reading, and book buying are two separate hobbies. When she’s not reading the latest treasure from her ever-growing horde of new authors, or watching Schitt’s Creek … again, Cora writes genre-bending fantasy that challenges stereotypes and champions unexpected leaders often overlooked in conventional stories. She lives in Seattle with her partner and an empty yard yearning for a fluffy friend. She also enjoys dissecting the side quests of Hades and the story twists of the Locked Tomb Series by Tamsyn Muir. Her favorite Pokémon is Jigglypuff.

J.B. Gorajia

#6 Reflecting Pool

#16 The Other Viru

J.B. Gorajia is a global citizen, born in the East African country of Burundi, having lived in eighteen homes, seven countries and has visited over hundred twenty countries. Growing up an avid reader of Science Fiction and Fantasy to escape his changing surroundings did not deter him from getting his Engineering degree and then some. Raised by Hindu parents from India, Indian Mythology further complemented his readings and enhanced his understanding of the dual culture in which he lives. His passion for reading turned into writing, and as a senior technical leader has over a dozen published technical whitepapers and articles in trade magazines.

J.B. Gorajia now draws on Indian mythology, science fiction, and fantasy bringing the challenges of balancing different cultures to light through coming-of-age stories and the human struggle of a changing world.

He delves into the subtle yet substantial effects of respecting tradition while growing up in modern times. He lives in Irvine, California, with his wife and two children.

Twitter: @jbgorajia 


Instagram: jbgorajia_author

Helena P.

#7 Semicolon

Helena P. is a resident of North Texas and a member of the DFW Writers Workshop where she practices and hones her craft. She has had a few short stories and poems published in online journals over the course of her writing career. Her focus in writing is what makes us who we are, and she is currently working on a full-length novel. Helena majored in Anthropology at the University of North Texas.  

Jonas Saul

#8 Home Is Calling

Jonas Saul is the author of over forty novels, including the Sarah Roberts Series, with nearly three million copies sold. Two of his bestselling series have been optioned for Film/TV. Saul has traveled extensively throughout the world to scout settings for his thrillers. Currently, he’s writing in Greece. Jonas is represented by Gandolfo Helin and Fountain Literary and Dramatic Rights Management. He is available for speeches and presentations at conferences anywhere in the world.

Contact Jonas Saul directly for inquiries.

Linktree: Find me here


Tik Tok: @jonassaul

Or send mail directly to Jonas Saul. Canadian Address: 1865 Dilworth Drive, #366 Kelowna, B.C.  V1Y 9T1 Canada

Michael Colvin

#9 Ebb

#10 Flow

Michael Colvin lives in Forest Grove, Oregon. He is a retired pastor, teacher, and TV and radio journalist who devotes whatever time is left over after his nap each day to writing short stories and historical fiction. His short stories have appeared in the online magazines Griffel and Stardust ReviewHis first novel, with a working title of The Lallander’s Giftis a “work in progress” like its author.

James Chesky

#11 Heartbeat Hotel

James Chesky is a writer living in Vancouver Washington. For 10 years he was a copywriter and wrote award-winning television, radio, and print copy. James has been a storyteller all his life. He writes short stories. and occasionally, poetry, and he has finished writing the first book in a three book, New Adult fantasy series. 

Quote: I shouldn’t have killed you. There, I said it, okay? I said it and that’s on me.

Rick Cook

#12 Long Distance Runaround

#21 Gertie’s Got Her Eye On You

Rick M. Cook – When he’s not writing his debut novel, The Devil’s Bridge, Rick is working on one real-life science fiction project after another: writing and teaching software to help top aerospace and automotive designers around the world wire their vehicles: futuristic all-electric airplanes to airplane seats and control modules to Blackhawk and Chinook helicopters to wiring for the advancement of human knowledge with space telescopes and satellites. One such project, the Kepler Space Telescope, has discovered more than 4000 Earth-size exoplanets, and he’d like to think he had a tiny part in their discovery.

Rick has been writing software since he was fourteen and telling stories even longer to entertain himself, his siblings, and friends. Winning a sixth-grade short story competition gave him the confidence that creative writing could be fun and immersive. A Dungeons & Dragons game exposed his teenage mind to the world of imaginative storytelling, sparking his creativity every day since. He enjoys reading books of history, science fiction/fact, fantasy, thrillers, and has enough Wikipedia tabs open to support a small invading alien army’s intel. He lives in Beaverton, Oregon, along with his wife and two bundles of fun masquerading as dogs.

Find him at or

Heather Peterson

#13 Pillow Talk

Heather Peterson never planned to be a writer, but she recently became somewhat of an expert on how it feels to lose someone to suicide. After the loss of the love of her life, she began writing as a way to cope, or rather escape her new reality. Her fear of forgetting even a second of her time with him has led to hundreds of pages of sometimes mundane, sometimes steamy recollections of their relationship. She almost salivates at any opportunity to talk about him, and she lights up, albeit dimly when she’s able to share any bit of their love with anyone who will listen or read about it. 

When not utterly consumed by depression and anxiety, you can find her playing video games, painting figures, crafting or building whatever hot new project pops into her head. She loves architecture, doom metal, and all things nerdy. Oh, and her two amazing sons. She’s doing her best to keep moving forward in the face of this unfathomable event. 

Debby Dodds

#14 The Ills We Do …

Debby Dodds is the author of the novel Amish Guys Don’t Call, a BEST YA OF 2017 by Powell’s Books, featured in Random House’s Better with Books, an Amazon Top 100 in a YA category. She won first place in Portland’s Wizard World Fiction Contest. Debby has stories in twenty anthologies including the NY Times best-selling My Little Red Book (Twelve/ Hachette) She received a BFA from NYU in Drama/Acting and an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University. As an actress, she was featured in many stage productions on both coasts, independent films, television shows and bad horror films. She wrote and performed in stage shows at both Disneyland and Disney World.

Benjamin Gorman

#15 Percussion

Benjamin Gorman is an award-winning high school English teacher, political activist, author, poet, and co-publisher at Not a Pipe Publishing. He lives in Independence, Oregon with bibliophile and guillotine aficionado Chrystal, his favorite son, Noah, and his dog, E.V. (External Validation). His novels are The Sum of Our GodsCorporate High SchoolThe Digital Storm: A Science Fiction Reimagining of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, and Don’t Read This Book. His first book of poetry, When She Leaves Me, was published in November of 2020, and his second, This Uneven Universe, was released in November of 2021. He believes in his students and the future they’ll create if given the chance.

twitter: @TeacherGorman

Instagram: @teachergorman



Katana Redbird

#18 A Walk In The Park

#23 The Final Curtain

Katana Redbird always wanted to be a writer ever since she read Charlotte’s Web by E.B White in third grade. At the age of ten, Katana sat down at her grandmother’s old Royal typewriter to write her life story. But, after two pages, she gave up for lack of anything to write about and told herself she could never be a writer. Fast forward through many years, children, grandchildren, and sketchy relationships, Katana found herself longing to return to her passion. Now she writes women’s fiction. Her current series is based on the question of reincarnation and past lives. Her short stories take the reader on a journey through the dark, hidden underbelly of human nature.

John Dover

#19 George

#26 How May I Connect Your Call?

John Dover, musician, author, whiskey enthusiast, and educator. John Dover is a professional musician and author based out of Portland, Oregon. Growing up in Montana, John’s taste for the macabre was influenced by the tales of Edgar Allen Poe, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and the 80’s classic cult movies of Sam Rami and Wes Craven. But his early days of writing were superseded by his passion for the trumpet.

In 2013, John broke out of his musical persona to pen the Johnny Scotch series of novellas and comic books. Since then, John has written three Johnny Scotch Novellas, a four-part comic book series, and a number of short stories that have been published in anthologies from Alucard Press, KJK Publishing, and Stitched Smile Publications. He has also published a trumpet method book.

As a musician, John has recorded a solo album, is a founding member of the Three D’s, and has appeared on a number of other artists albums including The Colin Trio, Chase Padgett, Joanne Wang, Danni Hauge, and more. John has performed with some of the Pacific Northwest’s top talent and continues to deliver his musical talents as a guest artist and clinician for schools.

Maren Bradley Anderson

#20 Reunion

Maren Bradley Anderson is a writer, editor, teacher, and alpaca rancher in Oregon. She is the Editor-in-Chief of The Timberline Review, the Managing Editor of PURE Insights. She writes plays, including a recent adaptation of Beowulf for kids; essays, which have appeared in The Christian Science Monitor, Alpacas Magazine, and Flyfishing and Tying Journal; and poetry, which appeared in The Timberline Review. Her novels include Sparks, a paranormal romance, and Fuzzy Logic, an alpaca ranch romance.

Find Maren on Facebook (, Twitter and Instagram (@marenster) or her website Find links to her books here:

Ben Schubert

#24 Fixed

Ben Schubert – A lifetime passion for science, philosophy, and imaginative fiction has simmered in Ben, and he now launches his foray into designing new worlds and expressing his unique perspective through literature. Living in many different locales across the United States has exposed him to the many diverse views of life and subject matter for stories he has collected across the years, stories that are often colored by his neuro-divergent view of the world. Through stories grounded in the reality of his own experience, he hopes to help his readers understand the perspective of the world he and others like him share.

Russell Nohelty

#25 Not Today

Russell Nohelty is a USA Today bestselling author, publisher, and speaker. He runs Wannabe Press, a small press that publishes weird books for weird people. Russell is the author of over two dozen novels including The Godsverse Chronicles, The Obsidian Spindle Saga, The Marked Ones, The Void Calls Us Home, and others. He is the creator of the Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter, Pixie Dust, Katrina Hates the Dead, and Black Market Heroine graphic novels. He also edits the Cthulhu is Hard to Spell anthology series. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and dogs.

You can find him at, or on Facebook ( or Twitter (

Charles Austin

#27 Human Noise

Charles Austin Muir is a writer, visual storyteller, and personal trainer living in Portland, Oregon. He is the author of Slippery When Metastasized and the Splatterpunk Award-nominated This Is a Horror Book. Distinctions include a nomination in the Ten Weird Writers to Save Us All list (Silent Motorist Media), 15 minutes of fame as “the Air Guitar Workout Guy” (Huffington Post), and winner of the Best Experimental Micro Film Award by the Oregon Short Film Festival (“A History of Worry”). His fiction has appeared in several anthologies, including Peel Back the Skin, Year’s Best Hardcore Horror Volume 1, 18 Wheels of Horror, The New Flesh: A Literary Tribute to David Cronenberg, and Cinema Viscera. He runs the micro-press Biggy Sancho Books, a publisher of doggy-themed kids’ books by his wife, writer/illustrator Kara Picante Muir. 

J. Komp

#1 Emotional Support

#13 Pillow Talk

#28 Your Call

J. Komp, is Managing Editor for 3 Bird View Press, the editor for, The Phone Anthology, An Unruly Collection of Second Chances, featuring best-selling authors, and co-author for the YA series Secrets of Moldara and Blood of Moldara. She’s been taking apart stories, to explain why we love or hate them, for over 30 years. A Behavioral Science major, that found her voice after a decade of live theater productions, Jennie lives for stories that are as entertaining and consumable as they are transformative.  Her development editing focuses on the connection between a book and its potential audience, emphasizing the tangible elements that bring a story into a reader’s everyday life and reveal our relationship with the extraordinary. 

Jennie’s style, in both fiction and non-fiction, bridges that elusive gap between art and business. She’s taken 2 companies to over 4 million Facebook fans, in less than a year, leads a live online, Read & Critique group for every proficiency level and type of writer, teaches at seminars and writers conferences across the country, and manages writers committed to reaching their publishing goals. A distinctive realist, Jennie’s dark sense of humor is balanced by a mantra that is the standard for everything she does, “the Disney is in the details.”