Managing Editor, J. Komp

Introducing, Developmental Editor and Author

-Jennie Komp

J. Komp, of Just Key Edits, has been taking apart stories, to explain why we love or hate them, for over 30 years. A Behavioral Science major, that found her voice after a decade of live theater productions, Jennie lives for stories that are as entertaining and consumable as they are transformative.  Her development editing focuses on the connection between a book and its potential audience, emphasizing the tangible elements that bring a story into a reader’s everyday life and reveal our relationship with the extraordinary. 

Jennie’s style, in both fiction and non-fiction, bridges that elusive gap between art and business. She’s taken 2 companies to over 4 million Facebook fans, in less than a year, leads a live online, Read & Critique group for every proficiency level and type of writer, teaches at seminars and writers conferences across the country, and manages writers committed to reaching their publishing goals. A distinctive realist, Jennie’s dark sense of humor is balanced by a mantra that is the standard for everything she does, “the Disney is in the details.” 

  Additional Experience

Industry Experience

  • 10 years as a ghost writer
  • 7 years as an editor in fiction
  • Co-Founder of Writers Bloc of Dallas

Instructor Credits

  • 28 years of national instructional public speaking (self-help, ballroom dance, business, marketing, sales, networking, education, life-skills)
  • 8 years of national Writer Classes (Story development, editing, critique skills, marketing, networking, sales)

Professional Affiliations

  • PNW Editor Guild
  • DFW Writers
  • Willamette Writers

A Sample of her Editing and Author Experience:

  • Editor/Contributor – The Phone, Anthology – Published
  • Editor/Co-Author – Secrets of Moldara – Published
  • Editor/Co-Author – Blood of Moldara – Published
  • Editor – Experience Marketing, By Bridget Bayer – Published
  • Author – Lost Valkyrie – Currently Submitting
  • Editor – Her Side of the Coin, By Kathleen Colvin- Currently Submitting
  • Editor – SoulBinder, By A.E Balckwell – Currently Submitting
  • Editor – The Wind At Her Back, By Cora Younie – In Development
  • Editor/Co-Author – Curse of Moldara – In Development
  • Author – Found Valkyrie – In Development
  • Author – Die With Me – In Development
  • Author/Editor – Die With Us – (Anthology) Currently Accepting Submissions
  • Author/Editor – SuperDumb – (Anthology) Currently Accepting Submission
  • And many more…

Client Testimonials…

Amber E. Blackwell

Author, Editor, Model, PA, Creator Extraordinaire

-Writes YA/Women’s Urban Fantasy/SyFy/Speculative Fiction

It is very rare to meet an editor with Jennie’s skill for story craft. She will push the story and the writer in ways that will surprise and challenge both. She sees the story as a whole and is still artfully aware of how the smallest changes can transform the entire picture. All of this is done with a masterful ease that is rigorously loyal to the voice of the writer. You will be amazed at the changes to your work and still know that it is your voice, your characters, and your story. She is a writers best friend.

Cora Younie

Fraud Analyst and Content Marketing Specialist at Whitepages, Freelance Editor, Writer

-Writes Women’s Fantasy/SyFy/Speculative Fiction

Jennie is a meticulous and dedicated storyteller. She is well versed in pulling content out of narratives and making it relevant to specific objectives. Some of her other strengths include: creating, curating, and editing content, organizing a large team of content creators, and managing deadlines. She is highly skilled in working across social media platforms and has extensive experience developing content from scratch. Jennie has excellent written and verbal communication skills within her team and while collaborating with other teams. She sets clear expectations and can recognize the strengths of others. Jennie believes in testing ideas and learning from them; she was always open to contribution and I enjoyed working with her.

Katana Redbird

City Manager, Aspiring Author

-Writes Women’s Fiction based on past life accounts

As a newbie to the writing world, my skills and writing ability have changed dramatically since working with Jennie.  As part of her Read and Critique group, I am amazed at how Jennie can find the small nuances that can take good writing to an even higher level. No matter the genre. I have been using her editing services for my first novel. Her insight and study into human behavior are invaluable to character development. Jennie is patient, supportive, and determined to help every writer succeed at their craft.  

Tex Thompson

President / Chief Instigator at WORD (Writers Organizations ‘Round Dallas)

-Editor/Writes Epic Western Fantasy/Fiction

It’s been almost three years, but I still shake my fist at the sky and curse the day that Jennie moved away. You will NEVER find a more passionate, dedicated team leader anywhere. (or at least, I haven’t). She and I grew the DFW Writers Workshop’s “Writers Bloc” series up from the germ of an idea into a first-of-its-kind flagship program, and it wouldn’t have happened without her selfless hard work and ride-or-die enthusiasm for the cause. Jennie has a real knack for taking a person, project, or product – and then finding fierce, powerful, and completely authentic ways to get that name out there. In a world where we must constantly tune out advertising in order to function, her undiluted realness has a way of surprising and touching her audience. Send her a message, and you’ll see what I mean. And then send her back to Texas, please. We miss her something awful! 

Leslie Lutz

Author of FRACTURED TIDE (May 2020)

-Editor/Writes YA Fantasy/Fiction

When it comes to project management for publishing, Jennie Komp is the best. I worked with her on two long-term projects, and she’s very organized. In addition, she always gives specific instructions about what she needs from me (there’s nothing worse than a vague manager). She’s fair, and more importantly, she’s pleasant to work with. I would love to work for her again.

Jill Goodwin

Writer, Corporate Recruiter, Paralegal

-Writes Women’s Epic Fantasy/Fiction

Jennie has worked on several of my story creations, I have to say for the amount and quality of work this insanely creative lady puts into making my ideas come to life the true way I had envisioned it, I couldn’t ask for a better deal! Worth every penny! Jennie has continuously shown me the best side of my stories and continues to astonish me with the depth and creativity of the concepts she provides. I have never had to worry about having a guiding hand through the whole process from talking about my idea to the completion of being able to publish, Jennie is a steadfast companion through it all, I couldn’t have done it without her guidance! Right now I am thrilled to be on Jennie’s waiting list again to begin the journey of my newest adventure! I refuse to publish without her!!! 

Shayne Hudson

MA at Western Governors University , UVU


I’ve known Jennie for several years and love working with her. We had the opportunity to work together in Theater. She was the director and I was one of the performers. I loved working with Jennie and helping her bring her vision to life. Jennie is a passionate, caring, kind, professional person. She was so organized and meticulous while she directed our show. Jennie would be a great addition to any team!

Allen Crowley

Bringing framework to creative processes, enabling creatives to flourish and generate amazing work.

-Writes SyFy Fiction

Jennie is an amazing writer! I had the wonderful opportunity to regularly provide feedback on her writing, one of the easiest jobs ever, it was always well done. Additionally, when it comes to collaboration on a project, Jennie is one of the best partners I’ve worked with. Her contributions to DFWCon, an annual convention with over six hundred participants, were invaluable. She contributed as an organizer, an executor, and even an instructor for the event. Later, when running her own business, she returned as a vendor and continued to help out. Smart, skillful, easy to work with, and enthusiastic. Tell her to call me if she needs anything, I’d gladly work with her again.

Bryan L. Welton, Jr.

Chairman & Founder at Namify, LLC

-Aspiring Writer

Need an out-of-the-box thinker? Jennie makes out-of-the-box thinking look like yesterday’s stale news with her fresh and innovative approach to creation and marketing. Her cutting-edge vision intimidates the mundane as she asks critical questions and elevates thinking in appropriate and challenging ways. She possesses a deep sense of empathy for the human soul and works to connect people on all levels while helping to build up people and the organization. Get her leading a team with the right people, get out of her way and watch the organization get better. If you’re lucky to have a five-minute conversation with Jennie, it’s always enlightening and inspiring!

Tony Litster

Elite Business Coach, Author, Marketing Director

-Writes Non-Fiction/Self-Help, & Marketing Books

Jennie is a genius when it comes to writing. She not only can tell you what isn’t working, she can tell you how to make it come to life for your reader. So often people give us ridiculous pats on the back and tell us our work is nice. I work with Jennie on every writing project because she will tell me the truth. It’s hard to hear sometimes, but I know she is making me look good in the long run. Honesty plus the ability to fix it. Two scarce resources I rarely find in one person! My goal is to hire her full time so someone else doesn’t snatch her up. If you’re lucky enough to work with her, you better be able to handle the truth and you better get ready to create something amazing. I would never release a book to the public without Jennie making it shine first.