We live in a world built on and by stories. Yet, too often, these stories are mistaken for the beginning and end of reality. At 3 Bird View, we challenge the blind acceptance of “what is”, and go in search of whose story are we accepting. We’re all telling and accepting or ignoring the stories upon which we base our life. The beginning of writing our personal story depends on how well we see the stories that have shaped us and the world we share. Ok, the philosophy lesson is over. 

Stories are also fun, so let’s play!

3 Bird View Press published its first anthology, The Phone, an unruly collection of 2nd chances, December 15th, 2021. It features both debut and Best-Selling authors, giving you their take on a supernatural confessional in the form of a mysterious payphone connecting the living to the dead. But readers BE WARNED, this book isn’t for the feint of heart. This collection of short stories includes emotional support dragons, surprise endings, and trigger warnings.

Read the first 4 stories for free, or get your copy today!

Editors matter more than we realize. Interested in being published, finding a developmental editor, or hiring an instructor for your story or writing themed event? 3 Bird View Press’s Managing Editor, J. Komp has a list of classes, services, and conferences she’s speaking at. Or get to know her better first, by reading what her clients have to say about working with her. 

With FablehArts creations, you’ll get a peek at stories in visual form. Here, commissioned works of art look like handcrafted keepsake boxes with a few secrets of their own. Imagine Monster boxes, Fairy boxes, Tarot boxes, Movie boxes, and more. Each tells a story you can touch via wood, metal, glass, clay, paint, and repurposed mediums. Some take over a year to complete, but only seconds to fall in love with. Let us know which is your favorite and get on the waiting list for one of your own! 

The Broken Stories Blog, by our Managing Editor, J. Komp, is a breakdown of the fictional and factual stories that shape us and our world. Written to be mostly short reads, these deeply questioning musings tackle everything from current events to mental health, family relationships, books, movies and whatever else interests her. Expect to find her latest observations on ADHD next to story-fixes for popular movies that missed the mark or shook up a world view. 

All stories are a partnership between the teller and the listener. They are opportunities to build trust and curiosity or fortify the status quo. At the end of the day, each of us chooses what we’ll adopt as part of our personal narrative, and what we’ll dismiss as fiction. The goal of everything at 3 Bird View is to challenge the way it’s always been and introduce the kind of thinking that creates new possibilities for all of us to flourish within. And we’re genuinely grateful to have you along for the journey.

It’s only together that we tell stories that change our world for the better. 

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